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The things that I didn’t do was just smile a lot. It was a little embarassing to be honest. Therefore I would hide my smile, but now I don’t. He(Dr. Saab) explained the benefits of removing all the old teeth, getting the infection out of your mouth and improving your health. And then everyday life, just eating with the implants as opposed to dentures, its life changing. I was worried about the financing and the money end of it.We thought about it 2 or 3 times before we committed, and I’m glad we did. My life changed a little bit after this. I could eat anything I want to now and not be uncomfortable or scared or afraid of embarassing myself in front of people. I can smile now, it looks good, and I know it looks good. After seeing the results, the finished product, it took a day or two to sink in. I feel great about it, I would recommend it to anyone. There’s no reason to continue with dentures that constantly break and slip and put you in an embarassing position. He screws them in, but I call them bolted in, ’cause they’re in there. I’m delighted, its probably made me a little more confident when I talk to people and things like that. I would recommend it wholeheartedly, 100%, do this ’cause these are the people to see.

– Jim

I did not smile…because my mouth was bad. Very impressed with the office: People were very friendly, patient, they walk you through every step. They put me into his office, and he opened up my mouth. And I told him I was not happy because a lot of the work done in my mouth was not done correctly.

I was having problems, so he went through the whole procedure with me. [During] the entire process, everybody was fantastic, very patient with me, walked me through everything, made sure that I was comfortable and asked if I was ok. I was very comfortable [and] very impressed.

Now I can open my mouth, smile and show my teeth now whereas before I was very embarassed. And as far as eating raw vegetables, I can eat my raw vegetables now. I can smile better now! You know, I’m very happy with my smile.
– Mrs. Jones

Dr. Saab is highly skilled and very caring to his patients. He is also well respected in the dental community among his peers for his expertise, his innovation, and his ethics! An outstanding prosthodontist!!!

– Alice Truong Lam

Uno de los mejores dres con los q he estudiado. El dr saab además es pana éxitos

–Freddy Jose

Painless dentistry, thats the biggest complement ever

– Connie Patterson

Dr. Saab is a miracle worker. He quickly & accurately identified my issue(s). It has been a pleasure working with him through my ongoing treatment. His knowledge, skills & personality are a rare combination. I feel blessed to have found him. Did I mention I would not be classified as any easy patient? I wholeheartedly recommend him & his staff!

– Karen Miller

Felicitaciones ahijadito! Reserveme una cita para HOY mismo!!! (quien fuera mosquito para teletransportarme….!!!!) besitos a todos.

–Malena Palacios Frugone

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